Christian Lucas
Full Name

Christian Lucas


South African




Deceased, Killed
by: Conrad Knox




Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Son

Portrayed by

Nyasha Hatendi

Christian Lucas is a High Profile Lawyer from Johannesburg who made a name from himself by representing killers and Terrorist groups. He was killed by Conrad Knox for his betrayal.


Season 3Edit

Christian Lucas appears at the beginning of Season 3, Episode 9 as he meets Conrad Knox, telling him that one of his men has already picked up one of the nukes. When Section 20 find out from the dead driver that he was in contact with Christian Lucas, Scott and Stonebridge later arrive at his house and kill the Nigerians who wanted their money back for the failed deal, essentially saving Lucas and his family. Lucas decides to work for Section 20 after Dalton threatens to kill his family if he doesnt comply. During Cristy Bryant's visit to the Section 20 headquarters she discovers that Christian Lucas was turned and informs Conrad Knox who later kills him for his betrayal.

In Episode 10, Cristy Bryant later reveals to Damien Scott that she reached out to him as he had the known contacts who would be interested in buying the nuke. As a result of the truck with the nuclear warhead crashing along with the Nigerians wanting their money back and Lucas wanted to back out of the deal, Bryant turns Lucas over to Knox in order to maintain his trust.