Eleanor Grant
Full Name

Col. Eleanor Grant


BritFlag British




K.I.A (Deceased)
Killed by: Latif




Section 20
Commanding Officer

Portrayed by

Amanda Mealing

Colonel Eleanor Grant was the commander of Section 20 following Hugh Collinson.


Grant was killed in action after she made Latif shoot the VX gas canister that was hidden inside her coat pocket, this canister caused an explosion that killed both herself and Latif, Season 2 EPISODE 10 Grant made Latif shoot the canister because she couldn't live with the fact that she set up Damien Scott and planned to plant WMD's in Iraq. She made her dying moments an act against terrorism and in memory of her fallen comrades at Section 20, especially in memory of her best agent and "friend" John Porter.


Personal Information

Name: Eleanor Grant

Born: June, 1968



Father - Former Parachute Regiment Colonel

Education - Oxford; Majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Notes: Grant's mother died of cancer when she was 7 years old. Father's military service led her to relocate often as a child. Became self-sufficient and strategic thinker at a young age. Father was distant, but Grant feels a strong connection with him.

Military Activity

- After university, spurned MI6 to join Army Intelligence Corps.
- Assistant to British Military Attaché in Brussels, then Washington, DC.
- Promoted to Captain in early '90s; co-ordinated Special Forces infiltrations of IRA cells.
- Joined MI6 in 1995, undergoing intensive training in self-defense, weaponry and covert intelligence gathering.
- 2002- Returned to Army Intelligence Corps commanding field unit in Kabul, Afghanistan.
- 2003- Participated in Task Force Black, hunting Al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
- 2007- Posted back to Afghanistan, working with U.S. General Stanley McChrystal on special assignment to provide intelligence on Pakistani nuclear weapons.
- 2010- Following the death of Section 20's founding Commanding Officer Hugh Collinson, assumed leadership of the covert special forces unit.

Psychological Profile

- Brilliant strategic thinker, adept at balancing military objectives with diplomatic considerations.
- Fiercely loyal to her soldiers, and feels deeply responsible for their fate. A natural leader who commands both respect and fear.
- Authoritative and independent; emotionally cool, but not cold.


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