Full Name

Fatmir Hasani








Agim Rama (cousin)

Portrayed by

Mel Raidio

Fatmir Hasani was a Kosovo Drug, Human and Organ Trafficker and was a former member of Kosovo Liberation Army who was working with Latif. He was subsequently killed by Latif as his actions risked alerting the CIA and the British Military to his presence in Kosovo.


Little is known about Hassani except that he was once part of the Kosovo Liberation Army and eventually left the army. Years later he becomes one of the largest Drug, Human and Organ Trafficker in Kosovo with many connections.


Season 2Edit

Hasani first makes an appearence Episode 4 when he calls Latif to notify him that Daniel Connolly failed in retrieving the VX gas from ATAT Security.

In Episode 7 he takes five European Union officials hostage in Kosovo. Hasani demands the release and exchange of his cousin Rana, from a maximum security prison in Vienna, Austria for the five hostages. When the exchange goes bad, Scott and Stonebridge successfully rescue the hostages but are transported back to the camp by a US Army Patrol loyal to Hassani. He orders the men to be taken to have their organs prepared for removal and the women to be sold into sex trafficking

In Episode 8, Hassani kills one of the EU officials for his betrayal after he reveals John Allen as a MI6 spy. Hassani later reveals that he had no intention of releasing the hostages and is subsequently later killed by Latif's bodyguard as his actions alerted the CIA and the British Military to his activities and risked making Latif's presence known in Kosovo.