Jessica Kohl






Portrayed by

Natalie Becker

Jessica Kohl was a mercenary and a sniper that works with Carl Matlock and is killed by Stonebridge. She is seen with Carl Matlock most of the time.


Season 3Edit

Jessica Kohl first makes an appearance in Season 3, Episode 1 with Carl Matlock when she shoots Libyan civil servant Keemal who was going to trade the nuclear triggers in his possession with Somali warlord Huseyin Waabri for his freedom. They both then proceed in negotiating a deal with Huseyin Waabri for the nuclear triggers.

In Episode 2, after having their exchange location ambushed by Scott, Stonebridge and Dalton she and Matlock are seen in a helicopter descending onto their location as they kill Waabri's militia. She fires at Scott and the team with after Matlock realises that Waabri swapped the triggers for fake ones

In Episode 3, she and Matlock are briefly seen trying to negotiating a deal with one of El Soldat's men. Since the negotigations fail as Matlock doesnt want to pay upfront for the triggers, she kills all of El Soldat's men that were present.

In Episode 4, she and Matlock travel to the Hoggar Mountains in Algeria after discovering that Othmani (El Soldat's half brother) had the possession of the triggers after being they were given to him by a Al-Shabbab Cleric in Episode 3. Over at the mountains, she fires at Scott and Stonebridge, essentially forcing them to hide and holdout in the farmhouse. After Scott and Stonebridge fight off all of El Soldat's men, she takes Markunda hostage as Matlock forces Scott and Stonebridge to give him the nuclear triggers. She is subsequently killed by Stonebridge in Episode 8, when she poses as a policewoman and enters the police station in order to kill the man that shot Walter Lutulu.