Joseph Dreyer

South African




Deceased; killed by Julia Richmond


Civil Servant

Joseph Dreyer was South African civil servant who is in Conrad Knox’s pocket and was killed by Julia Richmond for betraying Section 20.


Season 3Edit

In Episode 6, after Section 20 raid the location where the a portion of decommissioned guns from the Conrad Knox Foundation are being reassigned to, Dreyer under the orders of Conrad Knox formally requests Section 20 to leave the country as they have interfered and sabotaged a ongoing police investigation.

In Episode 7, after Knox gets word that Section 20 are still in the country he orders Dreyer to take care of them. Dreyer along with South African Police arrest the remaining Section 20 members at the command center and orders them to be transported to a black site run by freelance mercenaries. After Scott and Stonebridge discover where the Section 20 members are being held, a shootout occurs and he is killed by Julia Richmond in retaliation for the death of Oliver Sinclair,

Dreyer is briefly mentioned in Episode 8, when a news report states that his body was found by police and cites Scott and Stonebridge as persons of interest in his death