Katrina Zarkova
Full Name

Capt. Katrina Zarkova


RussianFlag Russian








Operative (Alpha Group) Former 20th guard army

Portrayed by

Yasemin Kay Allen

Captain Katrina Zarkova is a member of an Alpha Group unit.

She received her formation and initially served in the elite 20th guard army, part of the russian ground forces.

She and her team are sent to Kuala Lumpur to locate a downed military transport plane carrying a nuclear weapon.

Military Service Edit

There's nothing much about her history in the military but Katrina joined Special Forces at a young age. She also met Pavel Kuragin in a course training class after giving him a pen he didn't bring.

Special skills Edit

Despite being blessed by supermodel looks, Zarkova is a deadly and ruthless special ops. She is highly trained in all forms of combat as a respected member of an Spetsnaz Alpha unit. She has no problems joining Section 20 into action (S07E01) and forms a great team with Lance Corporal Novin. Zarkova is very cold blooded and kills without remorse or emotion.

She seems to be very skilled in martial arts since despite her small frame she proves multiple times to be able to defeat much larger male opponents in hand to hand combat. She knocks two guards during a fight in a lift and she breaks the neck of a an indian mob in S07E03.

Zarkova is an excellent sniper, killing several enemies in order to solve an hostage situation (S07E04).

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