Kim Martinez
Full Name

Special Agent Kimberly Martinez








Special Agent


Drug Enforcement Administration: Special Agent

Portrayed by

Milauna Jackson

Kim Martinez is an American special agent currently stationed in the USA. She joined the DEA after a decorated career with the Marines' Military Police Unit. Martinez was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA by a Dominican Father and Mexican Mother. Kim's Spanish background is an advantage to her when she was in the field with DEA's Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team (FAST) unit in the fight against South American drug cartels. 

During S4, Episode 10: Section 20 learn that Leo Kamali plans to release a weaponised small pox virus at USAF Base Ramstein. Martinez is in the hospital wing after being shot, she spots one of the terrorists in the medical wing and as she takes the suspect down the virus is released into the air. This locked the hospital wing down until everyone was cleared. No-one in the wing was affected.

Service Record Edit

  • US Marine Corps - Military Police (Iraq)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (FAST) - Special Agent (Colombia)
  • Section 20 - Field Operative / DEA Liaison (Global)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration - Special Agent (USA)
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