Mei Foster/Li-Na

North Korean






Lieutenant Colonel (Korean Peoples Army)
Agent (Office 39)

Portrayed by

Michelle Yeoh

Lieutenant Colonel Li-Na (known to many by her cover name of Mei Foster) was a North Korean sleeper agent and member of the Korean People's Army assigned to Office 39.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Li-Na was born in North Korea, although the exact location within the country is never mentioned. When she was a young teenager, she was removed from her family and taken to an academy run by the Korean People's Army, where she was trained and moulded by senior members of Office 39 into becoming a sleeper agent to be deployed to the West.

Undercover LifeEdit

In her mid 20's, using the alias of Mei, she was deployed away from North Korea and sent to Bangkok, Thailand in order to try and insert herself into the lives of members of influential Western governments.

By her mid thirties she had entered into a relationship with Robin Foster, a widowed diplomat who would later become the British Ambassador to Thailand. They were married for ten years, with Li-Na becoming the stepmother of his daughter, Chloe.


Corrupt British Whitehall Official, Charles Ridley had her killed by Faber and Mason.