Chris Ryan's Strike Back or Strike Back: Origins as it is known on Cinemax is a 6 episode British military television series, it is the first of seven seasons.

The series is based on a novel of the same name that is written by best-selling author and former Special Air Service solider, Chris Ryan.

The series was originally aired in the United Kingdom in May 2010. Following the huge sucesss of the series, American television network, Cinemax co-produced the following seasons.

Synopsis Edit

It follows John Porter, who resigned from the SAS following the aftermath of a rescue mission in Iraq on the eve of the American led invasion in 2003, where two fellow soldiers were killed.


Main CharactersEdit


Season 1 DVD Cover Sky 1 (UK)

Recurring CharactersEdit


Picture Title Number Season Number Director Writer Original Airdate U.K. viewers
SB1EP01 "Iraq: Part One" 1 1 Daniel Percival Jed Mercurio May 5, 2010 1.008
Still haunted by the memory of a disastrous Special Forces mission which he led in 2003, John Porter is given an opportunity to redeem himself by returning to Iraq to rescue a kidnapped TV reporter.
John with AK 74SU "Iraq: Part Two" 2 2 Daniel Percival Jed Mercurio May 5, 2010 0.803
After locating the terrorist safe house Katie is being held in, Porter is also taken prisoner, and Hugh Collinson and a team at Section 20 have to act quickly before it is too late.
SB1Prison "Zimbabwe: Part One" 3 3 Daniel Percival Jed Mercurio & Alan Whiting May 12, 2010 0.857
Collinson sends Porter undercover to Zimbabwe on a mission to break a former British soldier who was involved in a political assassination out of a high-security Harare jail.
SB1E4 "Zimbabwe: Part Two" 4 4 Daniel Percival Jed Mercurio & Alan Whiting May 12, 2010 0.764
Porter and Masuku become the hunted as a bushman tracker leads the relentless Zimbabwean authorities after them, and Layla Thompson becomes increasingly aware of the tension that exists between Porter and Collinson.
SB1EP5 "Afghanistan: Part One" 5 5 Edward Hall Robert Murphy May 19, 2010 0.890
When American troops are targeted and killed by British air support in Afghanistan, John Porter is dispatched to locate the man responsible.
John with FN Minimi "Afghanistan: Part Two" 6 6 Edward Hall Robert Murphy May 19, 2010 0.872
As Layla learns the truth, Porter & Collinson prepare for a showdown.