The second season of Strike Back premiered on August 21, 2011 and concluded on October 23, 2011. Strike Back: Project Dawn, as it is known in the United Kingdom (or just Strike Back in the United States) is a ten-part British-American action serial television series.

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A rescue mission is launched when John Porter is kidnapped. Section 20 leads a worldwide manhunt to find and capture Pakistani terrorist Latif, who is plotting an operation of his known as "Project Dawn".



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Season 2 Blue Ray Cover Sky 1 (UK)


Picture Title Number Season Number Director Writer Original Airdate U.S. viewers
SB1E1 "Project Dawn #1" 7 1 Daniel Percival Frank Spotnitz August 12, 2011 0.567
A rescue mission is launched when John Porter is kidnapped. 
GRANTSTONE "Project Dawn #2" 8 2 Daniel Percival Frank Spotnitz August 19, 2011 0.169
Stonebridge and Scott uncover the identity of the British woman wanted by Latif, and concerns grow as the hostage situation intensifies.
SB2E3 "Project Dawn #3" 9 3 Bill Eagles Frank Spotnitz August 26, 2011 0.255
Section 20 tracks Latif when another threat emerges in former IRA terrorist, Daniel Connolly. Plus, Scott is lured into an explosive honeytrap.
Seasons "Project Dawn #4" 10 4 Bill Eagles Frank Spotnitz September 9, 2011 0.212
Scott successfully passes Connolly's explosive test and sets to work bypassing a security code. Meanwhile, Marshall is contacted by Bratton. 
Scott "Project Dawn #5" 11 5 Alex Holmes Richard Zajdlic September 16, 2011 0.302
While trouble looms for Clare, a young doctor working in a Sudanese clinic, Scott and Stonebridge track a global arms dealer. 
SB2E6 "Project Dawn #6" 12 6 Alex Holmes Richard Zajdlic September 23, 2011
Crawford informs Stonebridge that Latif has a spy at the top of western intelligence, but refuses to reveal a name until Claire is rescued.
SB2E7 "Project Dawn #7" 13 7 Paul Wilmshurst Simon Burke September 30, 2011 0.270
Section 20's latest lead, an MI6 agent called John Allen, takes Stonebridge and Scott from Vienna to a deadly mission in Kosovo.
SB2E8 "Project Dawn #8" 14 8 Paul Wilmshurst Simon Burke October 7, 2011 0.335
Stonebridge and Scott can't catch a break, waking in a military barracks alongside other hostages. Hasani has big plans for them.
Taken "Project Dawn #9" 15 9 Daniel Percival Tony Saint October 14, 2011 0.244
Stonebridge and Scott are closer than ever to bringing Latif to justice as intelligence - a confirmed sighting - leads them to Grozny, Chechnya. 
Dead with ar m4 sf "Project Dawn #10" 16 10 Daniel Percival Tony Saint October 21, 2011 0.249
There are still a few tasty twists in the tale as the heart-pumping drama concludes. Pressure mounts as the boys set out to save the day.
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