Season 4 of Strike Back or Strike Back: Shadow Warfare, as it is known in the United Kingdom air in August 9 of 2013.

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Scott and Stonebridge are recalled from holiday in California to capture Leo Kamali, a high-ranking member of a terrorist cell led by Al-Zuhari, an elusive terrorist.



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Picture Title Number Season Number Director Writer Original Airdate U.S. viewers
Wiki-background "Episode #4.1" 27 1 Michael J. Bassett Simon Burke & Tim Vaughan & Michael J. Bassett August 9, 2013 0.493
Scott and Stonebridge are recalled after a fellow Section 20 member dies while pursuing the elusive terrorist al-Zuhari in Beirut. A new lead sends them into the remote jungles of Colombia.
SB4E2 "Episode #4.2" 28 2 Michael J. Bassett Simon Burke & Tim Vaughan & Michael J. Bassett August 16, 2013 0.364
Out of options and hunted by the resourceful cartel, Section 20 goes for a longshot and attempts an assault in downtown Bogota, hoping to obtain intel on one of al-Zuhari's key people. Meanwhile, Dalton looks for the source that exposed her team in Beirut.
SB4E3 "Episode #4.3" 29 3 Julian Holmes James Dormer August 23,


The team must work with an asset in Beirut to get a lead on James Leatherby, a dangerous and unpredictable operative with ties to al-Zuhari.
Season 4 Episode 4 "Episode #4.4" 30 4 Julian Holmes James Dormer September 6, 2013 0.506
Section 20 attempts a risky rescue for a potential new ally. Now veering close to the edge, but determined to find the truth, Dalton goes AWOL with a detainee.
Sbep25 "Episode #4.5" 31 5 Paul Wilmshurst John Simpson September 13, 2013 0.417
While recovering from a shocking turn of events, Section 20 faces a different threat: a new enemy joining forces with an old one. Locke draws Kamali in closer to the team. Scott looks for an old friend, while Stonebridge gets closer to a new one.
Leo&Locke "Episode #4.6" 32 6 Paul Wilmshurst John Simpson September 20, 2013 0.447
Section 20 is torn between devoting their resources to the mission or saving one of their own. Stonebridge's health continues to affect him in the field. Al-Zuhari's network moves forward quickly, striking close.
SB4E7 "Episode #4.7" 33 7 Stephen Woolfenden Simon Burke & Ben Newman September 27, 2013 0.309
The team tracks stolen property to Russia, where Scott and Stonebridge continue their side careers as "outlaws." As Stonebridge's health continues to deteriorate, they discover new mysteries about a piece of Al-Zuhari's plan. 
SB4E8 "Episode #4.8" 34 8 Stephen Woolfenden Michael J. Bassett & Tim Vaughan October 4, 2013 0.312
Scott looks for an escape from Black Bear Prison, while Locke becomes suspicious of Kamali. The team races to locate Stonebridge.
SB4E9 "Episode #4.9" 35 9 Michael J. Bassett Richard Zajdlic October 11, 2013
Scott and Stonebridge try to keep their promise to protect Ester; Richmond and Martinez follow an Al-Zuhari associate; the team sets out to stop an infiltrator before he reaches a populated area.
SB4E10 "Episode #4.10" 36 10 Michael J. Bassett Richard Zajdlic October 18, 2013
Scott and Stonebridge face a new pivotal player in Al-Zuhari's plan, and with an imminent attack looming, the team resorts to questionable measures, sparking conflict within the unit.


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