Season 8 of Strike Back or Strike Back: Vendetta was announced by Sky 1 and Cinemax on February 27, 2019. Will Premiered on February 14, 2020.

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When an Albanian crime family kidnaps a scientist responsible for the development of a top-secret British bioweapon, the covert special-ops soldiers of Section 20 are sent on a mission to secure the virus and take down its potential black-market buyers. But what starts as a relatively straightforward mission quickly escalates into a race against the clock to neutralize an even deadlier weapon of mass destruction pursued by a pair of jihadist brothers, whose terrifying ambitions threaten global conflict. Along the way, S20 reunites with rogue Russian operative Katrina Zarkova to form a tenuous alliance that raises questions of friendship, loyalty and duty.



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Picture Title Number Season Number Director Writer Original Airdate U.S. viewers
SBACK81 "Episode #8.1" 67 1 Paul Wilmhurst Jack Lothian February 14, 2020 .077
The members of Section 20 - Novin, Wyatt, Mac and Chetri - are reunited by commanding officer Coltrane under the pretense of rescuing Dr. Helen McCluskey, a biochemist who's been taken as a hostage in Kosovo by the Albanian mafia.  
Season8promo " Episode #8.2" 68 2 Paul Wilmhurst Jack Lothian February 21, 2020 .059
After catching wind of a feud brewing between Edon and his son Loric, S20 launches a raid on their family business in hopes of extracting the location of the bioweapon. Mac considers a career-changing offer from Coltrane.
ChettRed "Episode #8.3" 69 3 Bill Eagles Jack Lothian February 28, 2020 .063
Section 20 finds itself in Tel Aviv, where Kogan the former security chief of a secure Russian research facility has escaped with a deadly piece of military tech that he plans to sell to Zayef and Mahir. But with the squad on Kogan's tail, the device winds up in the hands of a notorious Israeli gangster who promises to make matters even more complicated.
SBVend4 "Episode #8.4" 70 4 Bill Eagles Jack Lothian March 6, 2020 .034
Novin is forced to cooperate with Topal and Danny, as Spencer gives the squad an ultimatum. After an explosive stand-off with Zayef and Mahir, Spiegel threatens to blow the lid off S20's operations in Tel Aviv, and later, the squad's arrangement with the local police reaches its tipping point. Meanwhile, a serious threat is posed to S20's alliance with Zarkova.
0.jpg "Episode #8.5" 71 5 Jonathan Jones Jack Lothian March 13, 2020 .093
When the location of Zayef's hideout is compromised, S20 raids the premises, leading to a confrontation that finds Mac defying orders to keep his team members safe. Suspecting that Zayef plans to deploy the stolen military tech during a United Nations conference in Munich.
SBEp6 "Episode #8.6" 72 6 Jonathan Jones Jack Lothian March 20, 2020 .059
Long after the incident in Munich, Wyatt and Novin reunite with Mac, who has since left the military. But while he lives out a seemingly idyllic existence with his wife and daughter, his violent past haunts him.
SB8EE7 "Episode #8.7" 73 7 Jason Strickland Jack Lothian March 27, 2020 0.1
Spencer joins S20 on the ground to take down Zayef once and for all. But when intel taken from a murdered jihadist soldier leads them back to Arianna and Loric Demachi, S20 finds itself embroiled in an implacable blood feud that threatens to expedite Zayef’s plans and place military-grade weapons in the hands of terrorists across Europe.
SB8EP8 "Episode #8.8" 74 8 Jason Strickland Jack Lothian April 3, 2020
S20 hatches a plan to storm a freighter carrying a weapons shipment, but when Spencer administers a kill order, Coltrane grows suspicious of his motives. As each member of S20 contemplates whether to follow their conscience, Zayef divulges intel that could drastically change their fate.
Newep9 "Episode #8.9" 75 9 Bill Eagles Jack Lothian April 10, 2020
With Chetri in the wind and Carolyn on their tail, Novin, Wyatt and Coltrane are forced to weigh loyalty against duty and self-preservation. Still blacklisted and left with scant resources, S20 seeks the help of Russian allies to combat Russian foes - and THE HUNT for Zayef's hard drive marches on
SB8EE9 "Episode #8.10" 78 10 Bill Eagles Jack Lothian April 17, 2020
After receiving shocking intel from an unlikely Russian informant, S20 decides to reunite for one final mission to track down Arianna and avenge their comrades. This time, however, they're doing things a little differently.

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Filming started in Croatia in May of 2019.

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