Section 20

CountryUnited Kingdom

HeadquartersMI6 Building (Season 1)
Whitehall (Season 2-present)
The Crib (Mobile Operations)

TypeMilitary Intelligence
Special Operations
Team Members
Section 20 was an elite covert British military intelligence and counter-terrorism unit.

Background Edit

Section 20 was originally formed as part of the "Section Initiative" within the British military intelligence establishment. The unit was designed to be able to travel around the world covertly neutralising terrorist threats against the United Kingdom and its allies, able to mobilise immediately and have their mobile command station (known as "The Crib") up in a matter of hours. The nature of the unit and its secrecy also allowed the British Goverment to retain a certain level of plausible deniability should an operation abroad turn bad.

In Season 1, the unit was shown to be supervised and based within the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), with coordination coming out of the MI6 Building in Vauxhall Cross, London. However, in subsequent seasons the unit is shown to be headed by senior government operatives in Whitehall, indicating it is now within the remit of either the Security Service (MI5) or more likely directly from the Ministry of Defense Headquarters.

Leadership Edit

On the ground, the unit is headed by a Commanding Officer, who is a member of the British Army often holding the senior rank of Colonel. However, individuals with lower ranks have also headed the unit (such as Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke and Major Rachel Dalton).

The ground team and Commanding Officer are often supervised (albeit not closely) by senior government officials back in London. These supervising officials can either be military officials, such as Major Hugh Collinson in Season 1, or non-military government bureaucrats such as Charles Ridley and Crowther in later seasons.

Composition Edit

A division of British military intelligence, the ranks of Section 20 are primarily filled with soldiers from various divisions and departments of the British Army.

However, the unit does allow members of other allied military within its ranks, primarily members of the United States Army such as Sergeants Damien Scott and later Samuel Wyatt. Other, non-military officials from the United States have also worked for Section 20, such as DEA Special Agent Kim Martinez. The unit also recruits members from British Commonwealth forces such as the Australian Army in the case of Lance Corporal Gracie Novin.

Although not strictly members of Section 20, the unit has also been shown to liaise closely and conduct operations with organisations such as the Russian FSB (in the cases of Major Nina Pirogova and Captain Katrina Zarkova, and the Royal Malaysia Police (in the case of Inspector Amy Leong).

Known operations Edit

Known MembersEdit



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