Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators can access a few additional functions.

Administrators (sysops)Edit

These additional functions include:

  • Deleting and un-deleting articles/pages.
  • Restoring deleted files and images.
  • Protecting pages; limiting edit privileges on an article to only certain groups of users.
  • Blocking users or IP addresses from editing; including a quick 'rollback' feature.
  • Edit the site interface; changing system messages and skins.


Have the same functions as administrators and more:

  • Promote current Admins to bureaucrats.
  • Make users admin.
  • Give users the ability to 'rollback' edits that were made in "bad faith".

Wikia StaffEdit

Wikia Staff have full access to all wikia's. If you have a problem with your account or similar issues then contact them here: Special:Contact. You can find a list of Wikia Staff here: Special:Listusers/staff

We ask you to contact a Strike Back Wiki admin before contacting Wikia Staff. This is to save them time and effort on things that we may be able to help you with.

Becoming a Strike Back Wiki AdminEdit

Strike Back Wiki are not accepting requests for admins at the moment. If we feel that you would be a good adition to the team then we will ask you.

List of Strike Back Wiki Admins:Edit

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