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If you need specific help or this does not help then contact an admin.


Q: This article should be deleted, what do I do?Edit

A: Select 'edit' on the article and then at the top enter {{delete}}. If there is an article that you think should be deleted as soon as possible, for whatever reason; contact an admin.

Q: I have found a rubbish article, it does not tell me much.Edit

A: If the article has bad spelling or needs to look a little better then add the {{cleanup}} template. If the article is just really short then add the {{stub}} template.

Q: Who even are the admins here?Edit

A: You can find the list of admins at the following link: Strike Back Wiki: Admins. We are constantly looking for new people to help us as admins, however we do not accept requests.

Q: I'm confused about the templates?Edit

A: No problem! They are quite confusing and even people with expericence have trouble with them sometimes. Go to the following link for help with templates: Help/Templates.

Q: My question was not answered here.Edit

A: Sorry about that! Feel free to contact an admin.

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