Walter Lutulu







Lillian Lutulu (daughter)

Portrayed by

Eamonn Walker

Walter Lutulu was a political leader within the campaign for a Democratic Zimbabwe (CDZ) and father to Lilian Lutulu. He was in a prison in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is implied that he and Conrad Knox had already been planning the coup for some before he was imprisoned.


Season 3Edit

Walter Lutulu is first seen in Episode 7, when he is broken out of a prison by Carl Matlock and his team on the orders of Conrad Knox. It is implied that him and Conrad Knox had been planning the coup already for sometime prior to his imprisonment. Knox and Lutulu discuss support and he makes it clear that he will want any unnecessary deaths on his conscience. He becomes angry at Knox when he stumbles onto the nuclear warheads, making his intentions known that he wants to improve Zimbabwe's relations with the west. Whilst giving his speech at a political rally, he gets shot in the chest close range by a hitman. Although he barely survives the shooting, he gets shot later by two more assassins posing as doctors in the hospital and dies from his wounds.

In Episode 8, the assassin captured by Stonebridge reveals that Conrad Knox hired him to kill Walter Lutulu. Lillian Lutulu later at a press conference publicly names Conrad Knox as the man who orchestrated his fathers assassination.